About us


GP Healthcare Alliance wishes to improve the range and quality of healthcare being offered, delivering more services locally from GP practices and community settings. We aim to safeguard existing services, whilst developing new services that are convenient, patient centred and based on the patient’s clinical needs. We will support our member practices and encourage and promote collaborative working within primary care.


Our mission is to improve primary care services and the healthcare of our patients.


Our core values:

  • Provide high quality clinical care, delivered locally and based on the health needs of our patients
  • Reduce health inequalities and improve patient care and patient experience
  • Deliver a professional and dynamic approach to improve primary care services
  • Nurture and develop talent whilst fostering innovation within primary care
  • Involve and listen to patients by developing processes which will ensure that the voice of the patients we serve is heard
  • GP owned and managed
  • Be inclusive & supportive to all member practices, regardless of size or contract type
  • Work collaboratively with practices, Clinical Commissioning Groups and local hospitals


Our core ethical principles as a business are:

  • We will incorporate a strong and explicit ethical stance into our business strategy and decision making.
  • We will work in an democratic, fair, open and transparent way, and remember our accountability to the local population and our member practices.
  • As part of our governance principles we recognize our responsibility to carefully manage potential conflicts of interest and we do this by applying a strict ethical Conflict of Interest Code.
  • GP Healthcare Alliance also has a clear objective as regards Equality and Diversity with regard to providing services that are compliant with Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998.]

GPHA Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be downloaded from this link & explains how we use & collect your data & the choices you have relating to this data we’ve collected.